Microblading training for beginners

Microblading Training for Beginners.

Would you like a change in career? Has Lockdown made you re-think your life goals? Would you like to be your own boss and work your own hours? Then a career in Semi-permanent makeup might be for you!

The PMU Collective offer a 4 day intensive training course based from either our Devon or Essex Training Academies, you don’t need to have done beauty before or be in a beauty industry career but you will need a natural artistic flair and good hand-eye co-ordination.

Our Microblading Training for Beginners course sets you coursework to complete before you attend your training days including brow pattern practice, colour theory and brow mapping, this allows you to hit the ground running on your training and model practice days.

Microblading is the terminology that most people know brow tattooing as, but in the industry there are various treatments that create the look of thicker and fuller brows and many different types and styles so much so there is a brow design to suit everyone whether it is natural and enhancing, fluffy or bold.

Our Semi-permanent makeup Training, teaches you how to use a cosmetic tattooing machine to create hairstroke and ombre brows, this technique is different to traditional microblading which uses a handheld tool. 

Our training provides you with a Defenderr cosmetic tattooing machine which places dots of ink using a fine needle within the skin to create the illusion of a hairstroke, a Microblading tool creates cuts in the skin where the ink is deposited. The Hairstroke machine causes less trauma to the skin and is practically pain and blood free. 

During your 4 day training session we will teach you everything you need to know about how to hold the cosmetic tattooing machine, the machine speed required for different brow techniques, colour matching, types of skin and the best brow technique for the skin condition. You will then get to the opportunity to create hairstroke and ombre brows on models under our watchful eye. 

Our Microblading Training for Beginners Trainers Gemma Henderson and Jade Jefford pride themselves on being there for all of their students throughout the journey and will support you through the steps of becoming a fully trained PMU Artist, if you would like more details on becoming a Semi-permanent makeup Artist, would like details on our next beginners training courses or are already an artist who would like to refresh their skills please give our friendly team a call or download our prospectus. 

microblading training for beginners