Georgina Morgan – Case Study

PMU Beginner Student Case Study
- Georgina Morris

Q. Do you have a beauty background or are you completely new to the permanent makeup industry?

A.  No, I have no beauty background, I actually work for a housing association at the moment but I’m hoping to break even and then leave to do this full time. I recently studied a business degree too but decided corporate life wasn’t really me! Which leads on to your next question…

I was also always a bit envious of people who I knew/saw had their own little beauty venture and they could choose what they got out of it by what they put in, that level of control I suppose? I felt deep down thats what I knew I would LOVE! I’ve always been interested in beauty and the amount of people who have said ‘that is exactly what I saw you doing’ is crazy! but also, a good sign! In addition to this I had also heard of Gemma from a mutual friend and saw how successful she became going from no beauty background really to now.

Q. What made you decide to train with The Permanent Makeup Collective?

A. I remember choosing PMU collective for a couple of big reasons – mainly Gemma to be honest. I remember the day so clearly when me and my partner were discussing a possible beauty route I could go down after me being miserable that I felt stuck doing something that wasn’t ‘me’. I was telling my partner about Gemma being a local person who had just a 9-5 regular job and then chose to do permanent make up/beauty route and became so successful, I remember searching her page to show him, mainly what permanent make up is (typical guy) and saw Gemma say she had started a training academy and immediately I thought omg I want to do it!! Secondly I saw it was local (Devon) and thirdly Jade, when I finally enquired and spoke to her she was so lush, also had a 9-5 job before taking up PMU and then also a leftie like me which was actually another big tick

Q. Did you enquire with any other permanent makeup training academies before making your decision?

A.I didn’t enquire to any other PMU academies, I think I thought I wasn’t confident enough to do something like permanent makeup. I considered other beauty routes like training in general beauty therapist treatments such as nails, lashes but PMU was always in the back of my head once I’d heard of Gem & Jades academy, I thought to myself why don’t I just go big and believe in myself! which I did and I’m so thankful! my partner is amazingly supportive too and he saw that I was just shying away from possibly the more difficult option but one that would also be the most rewarding – he was so right!!

Q. How did you find your permanent makeup pre-training days coursework?

A. Pre training days coursework was SO beneficial and important I’d say! Gem & Jade had put everything you would need to know really before your practical days in there and described everything for anyone who didn’t know a thing about PMU. The pre course content gives you everything you’d need! It was easy to digest, the set up on the website was easy to follow so you could do it in steps/stages. I think the content was super important before your practical days too – especially as you’re discussing your machine, needles, pigments, skin types – your tools basically! And the better informed before practical days the better you feel which Gem and Jade have totally encompassed to help their students every step of the way time and time again. 

Getting your machine – Jade and Gem also send your machine out before your practical days which I know a lot of academies don’t do and that time building your relationship with your machine I think is crucial! I put in so many hours of practice knowing where I wanted to be with it and I feel it paid off on my practical training days. The one thing I would say with all the training gem and Jade give you before your practical days is you get out what you put in.

Q. How did you find your permanent makeup model training days?

A. I loved my training days, Gem and Jade are just so lush, the academy is beautiful, you can tell how much time and effort Jade and Gem have put into it. Even though you go feeling nervous and anxious which is totally normal and expected! They help you every step and knowing they are there just makes you feel more confident. There was also someone called Kate who helped out on a couple of our days who again was just so chilled and lovely to have around for peace of mind. That being said – They push you and want you to do your best – they know when to give you a helping hand but they also know when to let go and let you do it to get the best out of you and for you to get the most benefit. I feel this is what makes them exceptional trainers. After your training days Gem and Jade offer a permanent make up bible essentially so even when you walk out the door there is nothing they have left unanswered for you! 

Q. Tell us one thing that you have taken away from your training? 

A. I think the thing I remember and sticks with me is firstly feeling ridiculously nervous about my hairstrokes and ombre models but Jade said along the lines of ‘you got this – we’ve got high hopes for you’ that just made me really feel like OMG yeah I do have this! if they can see it then I can too – it really built up my confidence. Secondly, the feedback following my models as well was just so lovely and I knew the hours and hours I’d put in of practice with my machine and studying before my practical days had really paid off. It feels such a massive achievement walking out at the end of those four days. 

Q. What are you doing now? Are you working as a permanent makeup artist? 

So I’m still working at the moment with an aim to break even in the near future and leave my current job. I dedicate the majority of my free time now to pushing my new PMU business, promoting myself as an artist and continued growth and learning. I’ve started carrying out my case study models as well straight after the academy, which you complete on your own and I’m just beyond happy I took this route – I feel like I’ve found my thing and now I just want to keep building it and become a successful artist. 

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