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A career in semi-permanent makeup can buy you your dreams.
We will give you the tools and stepping stones to get there.


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Your semi-permanent makeup course cost can be paid in instalments. A £1000 deposit is
required on selecting your location and dates. No course information will be provided until the
full balance is paid.

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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Some have been made up for your help.

Yes, to secure your place on the course a deposit is required (£1000). All deposits are non-refundable.

You can pay for the course in installments, however, the online course material will not be released until the final balance has been paid.

  • Power supply
  • Handpiece
  • Box of needles
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • China marker drawing pencils
  • Sharpener/craft knife
  • String
  • Full set of Pigments
  • Aprons
  • Hairnets
  • Trays
  • Pigment pots
  • Barrier Roll
  • Colour theory wheel
  • Latex and practice head
  • Patch test equipment and instructions
  • Medical health forms
  • Client consent forms
  • Aftercare information

Our qualification is a diploma and is accredited and insured with ABT. It is fully recognised and insurable in the U.K.

The course can take up to 6 students and on practical days we will have on practical days.

There will be a few items that you will need to purchase as an addition to your kit.

Bed, stool, trolley, ring light are the main ones. You will need to arrange clinical waste collection and they can supply you with a large bin to hold your large yellow hazard bags and also a needle sharps box. Recommendations of companies will be supplied to you.

You will also need to arrange your own insurance and check with your council regarding VCTC Level 4 Requirements and Licensing. We will help you with this.

Yes, of course, we will allow you to choose between the Essex and Devon academies.

You will be given 1 shadow day to use whenever you wish post-assessment. No other training provider offers this as we feel we don’t want you to feel out on your own and the support has stopped. This is for you to bring a few models and we can help with any issue area you may have encountered post-course. We have Facebook and Whatsapp groups that you will automatically be added to for support 24/7.
No, however, it is best to complete them as soon as you leave the academy whilst the training and information is fresh. There will be 6 hair stroke and 6 ombre models minimum we would require you to complete. If you need more practice, we may ask you to complete more before you sit your assessment.
Absolutely! Both myself and Gemma didn’t have a beauty background and have both had successful careers in PMU. You are taught all the design skills you will need. Patience, Hard work and passion, and a creative eye is a good start.
Both academies are located near airports and mainline stations. We recommend staying for the duration of the practical training if you live over 1hr 30 mins away to avoid being overtired and hitting traffic and being late. We will not be able to wait for you to arrive to start.
Yes, lunch, snacks, and hot and cold beverages are available. We will be in touch just before the course to discuss dietary requirements.
You will need a course of Hepatitis B injections before you embark on your career for your own safety and that of your clients. These usually take place in 3 sessions and over the course of 6 months. Please contact your GP to arrange it. You may have to pay for these privately.
You will be given access to our online learning platform which has sections to complete with tests. You must pass one section before going onto the next. You will also be shown how to draw brow templates, shown how to do basic shading techniques, and shown the classic brow pattern we use. Online learning is approx 30 hours so you will need to make time to get all of this completed and have a full understanding before you arrive. We also ask that you map brows, practice shading and practice the pattern and send it to Jade and Gemma in a Whatsapp chat so we can give you feedback to improve. The more you do, the more you will hit the ground running before your Practical days. You will also be given a Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection control exam to access and complete.
We recommend that you come in salon tunics, trousers, and closed-toe, wipeable shoes.

Yes! We have built our businesses from scratch and spent (and wasted) a lot of time and money. We have the formulas that work for us. We will share everything. Photography skills, socials media skills, website and logo designers, online system organisation, and much much more. We teach you how to run a business and this sets us apart from any other training school. We offer the whole package.

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